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The budget allocation is agreed between our school and the Local Authority at the beginning of each financial year. Details of how this money is used to support children and young people with SEND are shown below. This is monitored each term by the Governing Body.


Full details about the way in which funding is allocated to schools for special educational needs provision can be found here.

At Pittington Primary School, our notional SEN budget amounts to £29,729

This is used to support children and young people with SEND in a variety of ways including giving them access to additional targeted  support from teachers or teaching assistants and additional resources.

Children who are on our SEN register will access support additional to that normally available in the classroom. Although children’s needs are assessed individually children may work work in a small group or 1:1 situation with a teacher or teaching assistant once or more than once a week. These groups may be taught alongside the rest of the class in the classroom or taken to our ‘Hedgehog Room’ where there is a special area set up for a range of activities.

In addition we make reasonable adjustments to our school environment as required. This may include for example adding handrails to stepped areas or marking steps with coloured paint to aid visually impaired children. In our classrooms children may be provided with aids to help them to write such as sloping seats or boards, or with resources such as different coloured paper, additional access to ICT etc. We constantly evaluate the needs of our children and provision changes as needed but in all our classrooms there is free access to resources needed on a day to day basis.

If a child has complex special educational needs, we could also receive additional funding from the Local Authority to meet the agreed outcomes. 

A Costed Provision Map will be developed in liaison with the child, young person, parent or carer. An example of a costed provision map can be found here.