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How do we support children with transition?

Transitions may be considered as movements from Nursery to School, from one class to another within school, from one key stage to another, from one school to another or simply moving from one room in the school to another.

Children with SEND often need additional support at times of transition and often for significant periods of time leading up to a transition. These are some of the ways in which we may support children with transition:

  • Visiting children before they come to our school to help them to become familiar with the people who will be looking after them
  • Taking photographs of their new environment for the children to keep at home and talk about with parents and carers, helping gain familiarity
  • Talking to parents and carers so that they understand the change and can support their child
  • Taking the child to visit their new environment - this could mean several visits to a new school or extra opportunities to visit a new classroom / teacher or room in the school
  • Talking to teachers / staff in new schools to share information
  • Making a wiki or ‘My Story’ booklet with parents and carers to record information about the child to pass on to new members of staff and other agencies
  • Taking children with their parents or carers to visit potential new schools

We recognise that transition times can be causes of great anxiety and strive to support parents and carers and their children as best we can in order to ensure that the most appropriate continued provision is accessed for their child.