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Flood in school 2021


Flooding update - 13th November 2021
The large condensers have now been removed from site and have been replaced with large, rather noisy drying machines. These are to be in place for seven days and then checked to see how dry the classrooms are. The company representative visited school on Friday and in his opinion, “….things are drying out nicely.” He thinks that these will be able to be removed during the middle of the week.
Measurements have been taken and new flooring has been ordered. We need a screed to be put on the floor prior to new flooring being put down and at this current time, I don’t know when this is to be done or how long it will take. As information is given to us, I will share with you so that you are as informed as we are.
The whole of the lower corridor is cordoned off because of the large drying machines. We have relocated the staffroom to my office which I am currently sharing with three interactive white boards too. It is not ideal, but we are just trying to make the best of a difficult situation.
The week became slightly more complicated when we discovered that the heavy equipment, containers, skips and lorries coming in and out of school, had fractured a gas pipe so we had no heating in school for 2 days. Luckily the mild weather and the fan heaters that arrived meant that school did not become cold and so we were able to continue without any further disruption. The pipe was fixed within 48 hours.
Once again, thanks for all the offers of help that have been forthcoming. We appreciate this.

1st November 2021

The Friday of half term there was a burst pipe in the year 2 classroom. As school was closed for the holiday there was no one there to notice this had happened. On our return to school on the Monday we were met by a considerable amount of water in the corridor, year 2 classroom, reception classroom, nursery and the staff room. Below is a slide show of what Monday morning looked like for us and how much furniture had to be thrown out as a result of water damage. It has impacted significantly on school and the children. We are going to experience disruption for at least the next 3 weeks, possibly more while Durham County Council support school in repairing the damage. Watch this space for updates.