Computing at Pittington

Spring Term

Early Years


The children in nursery have started to learn the basic concepts of programming using the code-a-pillar.

The children have been using the ipads to research animals so that they can add more detail to their art work.

Many of the nursery children use Ipads or tablets at home but were unsure what to do if something popped up on the screen. This is where Smartie the Penguin helps us all out. The children learnt all about keeping safe on the internet and learnt a catchy little tune to remind them to think before they click.


In Reception the children have been marking making using the computer and using programmes such as Colour Magic and Active Inspire. These programmes help the children to gain better mouse control. 


The children have also been learning how to use the keyboard and typing letters and their own names.

Keystage 1

Year 1

In year 1 the children have been exploring different vocabulary linked to algorithms and directions. They went outside to work with a partner giving directional instructions like quarter turn left or half a turn right.

The children then went back into the classroom and worked with the beebots to complete a route between two points. The children then put out instructional cards to show the route the beebot took.

Year 2

In year 2 the children, as part of our literacy persuasive writing, researched the importance of forests online. This helped them to form arguments as to why the forest should not be chopped down. The children are getting confident at using the laptops in school and finding answers using a search engine.


Keystage 2

Year 3

As part of the music wider opportunities project with Durham Music Service the children in year 3 performed a concert for the school and their parents. As part of this concert the children used publisher to create leaflets to give to the parents. As you can see the children did a fantastic job and showed confident skills using this programme.

Year 4

In Year 4 the children have been using the laptops to help with their research.


Year 5

In year 5 the children have been busy creating a game using Kodu which contains a point scoring variable.  Here they have been learning about conditional statements in programming:

Year 6

Children in Year 6 have been using a 3D game design program called Kodu. The children have been challenged to create algorithms to develop the gameplay of a racing game. This has included creating a world and inhabiting it with playable and computer controlled sprites. The children have worked really hard developing their games which have even been play-tested by their peers.

 Be Internet Legends Assembly

The Google Be Internet Legends assembly teaches Key Stage 2 pupils teaches pupils to be safe and confident explorers of the online world.

The assembly focused on the five core pillars of the Be Internet Legends educational programme, incorporating characters from an imaginary world called Interland. The pillars are:

· Be Internet Sharp: Centred around the importance of thinking before sharing, evaluating whether a piece of information is private or not, and bearing in mind who will be able to see what is shared.

· Be Internet Alert: Teaching pupils how to spot phishing scams and how to report them, be able to tell what is real and what is fake, and to think critically about information found online.

· Be Internet Secure: Focused on keeping personal information safe by creating unique passwords, combining characters, numbers and symbols.

· Be Internet Kind: Encourages pupils to spread positivity online, speak up against and report bullying, and teaches them how to identify inappropriate behaviour.

· Be Internet Brave: About standing up when witnessing something inappropriate online, and to speak to a trusted adult about any concerns.


The children were brilliant at answering questions and they engaged really well with the two presenters. They loved the hands up signs they were given to answer the dilemma style questions. At the end of the assembly we were given a certificate for our school.

Enrichment - WebWatchers Trip to the Apple Store

Mrs Rowell took the Keystage 2 WebWatchers to the Apple Store at the Metro Centre to take part in one of their interactive workshops. The staff were amazing and showed the children how to use the app Clips and then assisted them in making their own magic videos. The children had great fun using the ipads and came up with some brilliant ideas. 


Below you can see some of the children's amazing creations:

Safer Internet Week

As part of our Safer Internet Week in school the WebWatchers launched a competition to design an E-Safety Poster to be displayed around school. Here are the children designing posters to take back to their classes to show what they need to do to enter. 

Autumn Term



Reception have been learning all about computers, tablets and cameras and how we use equipment at home and in school.  We are still practising controlling a mouse to create pictures using a computer.      


Keystage 1

Year 1

The Year 1 children were exploring using Ipads to create their own algorithms for making a lego block model. The children worked with a partner to ensure they held the ipad still to ensure their photographs were clear. 


In preparation for our E Safety meeting to parents the children learnt all about Smartie the Penguin and how to stay safe when using the internet. We coloured in our own Smartie and sang the catchy song to our parents.

Year 2

Learning about computing doesn’t always require a computer! Some of the class were turned into robots and the rest of the group had the task of writing a series of ‘commands’ to help the Pittington robots to perform tasks like opening a jar. This proved to be rather trickier than we thought so the next challenge was to ‘debug’ the commands in our programs.

Keystage 2

Year 3

In Year 3 the children have explored various aspects of the computing curriculum. 

They have explored algorithms using a programme called Scratch.  


They have used Powerpoint to create a presentation about something that interests them. They explored how to add pictures and text, insert hyperlinks and add more pages as needed. 

The children have used the laptops to research websites linked to their current topic. 


Year 5

Year 5 have been working on Scratch to create a maths quiz related to adding and subtracting fractions. We have looked at using selection and variables to enhance our quiz.

Year 6

The Year 6 children have been working on a stop animation project to create a new selling video for our school. The children edited pictures, music and slides to create their video and used many skills taught throughout school to get their finished product. 

E-Safety Assembly for Parents

At the beginning of each school year we hold an E- Safety meeting for all parents in school. Each class gives a short presentation about what they will be covering over the school year and how parents can help to keep their children safe on the internet.