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National Curriculum

Curriculum Statement
"The more you know about the past, the better prepared you are for the future."
Theodore Roosevelt

Content of the History Curriculum
The History Curriculum at Pittington Primary School supports and supplements the National Curriculum by reflecting the needs of our children and the context of the school.

The History curriculum follows a theme based approach whilst offering the children a range of relevant and purposeful experiences that will enable them to make connections, identify similarities and differences, link changes and causes and use a range of relevant historical sources. Chronology plays a key part and children are encouraged to make links and connections between and across different periods of history. Where possible historical visits or experiences are a key part of the learning. We look to inspire curiosity about the past and this will include making historical links to the local area.
The children will be given opportunities to:

  • Explore and assess a range of sources to learn and investigate about the past
  • Make connections, identifying similarities and differences
  • To make links between cause and effect
  • Develop their research skills
  • To examine the work of historians and look at how we find out about the past
  • Opportunities to learn about the history of Britain, making links to historical events in the wider world.

Assessment of History
At Pittington Primary it is our intention that all children will at least reach their age related expectations as described in the National Curriculum. However through a curriculum that is challenging and relevant to the children we expect children to achieve greater than age related expectations.

Children who are not meeting age related expectations will be supported by staff through differentiated tasks and targeted small group work. The direct use of key questions and targeted support will be offered to ensure that any gaps between groups of children are closed.

Assessment of the children’s historical skills will be assessed by the class teacher. There will be a range of evidence to support teacher judgement including books, photographs and assessed pieces of work.

Monitoring of History
The quality of the learning across the school is monitored by the History Subject Link Teacher.

Monitoring includes the Subject Link Teacher observing learning within lessons, planning scrutiny, work scrutiny and discussions with children. Analysis of data is also undertaken to ensure that standards are high and that improvements are made where necessary.

Training is offered to all Subject Link Teachers to ensure that their knowledge and skills are up to date and accurate.

The Subject Link Teacher meets with the Special Interest Governor for History to share school improvement plan initiatives with them and ensure that governors are aware of standards across the school.

If you would like more information about our History Curriculum please contact Miss Wigham, Headteacher by clicking here