Maths at Pittington

Summer Term

A Summer of Practical Maths at Pittington

The summer term has been a wonderful one for the children applying skills in a practical context. There have been countless excellent examples of children developing their understanding and applying their learning in a practical way. Brilliant!

Nursery children certainly ‘know the score’! After shooting hoops and impressively keeping score in their heads, the children moved on to using a scoreboard to record their successes.

It is great to see the superb skills recording information being developed further in reception class. Here are the children representing their favourite colours in a block chart. The conversations and questioning that were woven around this task are wonderful – including the children having to solve the conundrum of more blocks on the board than children in the class. The solution – some children had voted more than once! Well… can be hard to choose your favourite!

There is no better way to learn that actually ‘doing’ and in year 1 practical maths is in full swing where comparing capacity and weights really excited and interested the children.

One of the best things about the summer term is being able to get outside and learn. The children in year 2 have been developing their understanding of directional language and rotations. They took turns setting the challenge of a route to follow and instructions to get them through it.

It is wonderful to see skills acquired earlier in school being developed by older children and here is a great example of the children in year 5 using directional language too with more complex instructions and degrees too!

Spring Term

Spring into Maths at Pittington this term!

Year 5 delighted the rest of the school by sharing their Soccerstarz stash with each class.


The children had to share them out equally throughout whole school and needed to find an efficient way to total, work out fraction and percentage each class would get and then divide equally. This was a great show of team work and sharing of strategies applying maths in everyday situations.

As you can see, it didn’t take long for Reception class to put them to good use in another maths context!


In Year 3, practical maths is the buzzword and they have been using polydron to construct their own 3D shapes.

In Nursery Mr Wright really enjoyed joining the children as they created pictures using 2D shapes.

Each class has also started their own unique x tables challenge and we particularly like the Year 1 superhero x tables approach!


Autumn Term

Problem Solving? No problem!

This term, all classes from Reception to Year 6 have enjoyed working with ‘The Problem Solving Company’ who specialise in creating a ‘pen free’ approach to practical maths problem solving. Each year group had their own bespoke activity and really impressed their teachers with their communication, teamwork and problem solving skills.

“The best thing was team work”

“I didn’t know shapes made other shapes”

“Great to have a chance to be a leader and set myself targets.”

“It kind of wasn’t like Maths, so it made it more fun.”

“We learned to problem solve and keep trying if we couldn’t do it”

“It was challenging and awesome”

The knowledge and skills the children applied in these activities were wide ranging: from those based around shape and geometry to coordinates and mapping skills. The resilience shown by the children who encountered the challenges was impressive and is applied every day in the classroom giving them the confidence to approach challenging maths with a ‘can do’ attitude.

Marvellous Maths at Early Years & Foundation Stage

We have started to use 5 frames to develop our concept of number.

We have been learning about numbers around us.  We have been voting and counting the number of votes for our favourite books, forming our numbers wherever we can and organising numbers into the correct order.